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As a small business we always aim to improve. We do not only sell fantastic teas, we also have an ethical responsibility for the tea farmers and the environment.

All our teas come from carefully selected tea estates, and our suppliers are members of  the Ethical Tea Partnership or similar organizations.

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Machair Tea ™


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What Our Customers Say

Last year, I was on a walking holiday in the Hebrides. On our travels, we dropped into the Hebridean Tea Store. What a find! Suffice it to say that eighteen months later, we continue to order our breakfast tea from here. It has a delicious, complex taste that hits all the right notes, first thing in the morning …

Tom D. / via website

Good place to try out new teas! Very knowledgeable in what they sell and able to give good recommendations towards a new tea you may not have known you were looking for.

Scarlet Fox / via Facebook

Refreshing pick me up

Wow so refreshing in taste and smell. I’ve always loved the idea of green tea but is an acquired taste. The mint with it is uplifting.
(referring to Moroccan Dreams)

Anonymus / via website