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About Black Tea

Tea is black tea and there is no other.

But is that really so? When speaking of tea most people seem to think that black tea is the only available tea on the market. This is not the truth.

However, it seems that black tea is still the most common one. But there are so many other teas. Some of them are not really a tea in the true sense of the meaning.
The history of tea goes back to over 2000 years B.C. in China, when it was drunk by the Chinese Emperor for medicinal purposes. But with modern times a lot has changed.

tea leaves
black tea with leaf isolated on white background

In the 17th century tea made its first appearance in England when Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife to King Charles II, made tea drinking a sign of royalty.
Later tea parties became modern and drinking black tea or other tea varieties stayed popular until today.
There is one thing what all “real” teas have in common and that is the plant, which actually is the tea plant. It is called Camellia Sinensis. Black tea is the most processed and oxidized sort which usually has stronger flavour than the other teas which are less oxidised.

Nowadays you will not only find he classic tea varieties but also flavoured black teas which respond to the different tastes people prefer. Flavoured teas very often also have other flowers or fruit which add to their flavour. Here at the Hebridean Tea Store we are offering you high quality loose black teas as well as loose flavoured black teas.

If you are unsure if you would like the taste, then you can also order a sample or a small taster bag.

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