Seller of fine teas and coffees

What is there to know about us? Well, it all started in 2013 on a small island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.
A tea store on our island? That will never work, they said. You will never be able to pull that off, they said. If you are lucky you will survive a year, they said.

Wait and see, was my reply, wait and see …

Our story

From humble beginnings …

In 2013 Sabine started her business with trading on markets and small events. Her teas became popular very fast and in Spring 2014 the opportunity for a brick and mortar shop came up.

Together with her friend Annie they both shared the shop space for a couple of months. Annie then moved to the other end of the island and Sabine took over the shop on her own.

In 2017 the shop moved again to bigger and brighter premises right in the middle of the high street, very visible next to the Visit Scotland Tourist Information Centre in Stornoway

Ethical responsibility

All our teas come from carefully selected tea estates, and our suppliers are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership or similar organizations.
They all guarantee that the tea is grown, harvested and processed in an environmental friendly way, and that the farmers and workers have the best possible working conditions and wages.

Our mission

Women on a mission

Here are the women behind it all, from left to right:

Sabine – also known as “the boss lady”, director and web wizard
Babs – manager and tea barista

Our team