Turmeric Fire

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Turmeric Fire

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Turmeric Fire is a bit like a chili chai. If you feel the taste is too hot for you, then add some milk to level it out.

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Turmeric Fire - I dare you!!!

This flavoured black tea is not for the faint hearted. It is more a spicy chai with chili and turmeric.

Not excessively hot but it sure has a kick to it. And all the goodness that turmeric will bring you

Turmeric tea tastes very nice with some milk. It is also said to help with weight loss, detox and work as a liver cleanser

But what exactly is it, this turmeric? Well, most of all it is a plant and its  rhizomes, the creeping rootstalks are the part of the plant which are used fresh or dried. The powder is one of the main ingredients of currypowder.

In Ayurvedic practice turmeric is used to treat indigestion, throat infections, colds, liver ailments, or skin sores.

Through several studies people found out that the health benefits of turmeric are massive. Here are a few examples of what it can do

- help with mild depressions

- can control inflammation

- help with arthritis

- according to US laboratory studies it is able to kill cancer cells and prevent new growths

- helps to control diabetes

- can manage inflammatory bowel disease (IBS, Crohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis)

- can regulate cholestorol

- is a natural painkiller

- is statistically comparable to steroids

Under normal circumstances turmeric does not have side effects.

However, high doses can very well show side effects which can be severe. Turmeric may interfere with anti-coagulants like aspirin, clopidogrel and warfarin. It also can affect medications such as non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (note: a cup of this tea is not a high dose!!)

More information can be found when you type in "turmeric" in a search engine, e.g Google.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Origin Germany
Brand ScotTea
Allergens none
Ingredients black tea (72%), curcuma bits (8%), orange peel, coriander, natural flavouring, pink pepper, cardamom, chili loops (1%), marigold blossom, sugar, ginger

nutritional value

Amount of Tea 1 tsp per cup
Water Temperature 100°C boiling hot water
Steeping Time 3-5 minutes
vegan Yes

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