Mulled Wine Spices Prepacked

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Mulled Wine Spices Prepacked

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Non-flavoured spice tea blend with winterly cinnamon taste.


You would like some mulled wine but do not want to use a whole bottle?

Let us help you with that. We have portion sized our great mixture of mulled wine spices and now it is so easy to have your own mulled wine.

Here is what you will need:

A mug of red wine

our pre-packed mulled wine spices

Put the wine in a pot and heaten it up on medium heat. It must not boil, just simmer away. Once it is hot, add our tea bag with the spices for 3 minutes.

Sweeten the wine to taste. A splash of a decent orange juice is also a great idea.

If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, take red grape juice and maybe also some other  red fruit juices like e.g. elderberry, cherry, black currant etc. instead of the wine.

This herbal blend can also be consumed without any wine on its own as a herbal infusion. To do this you would need 100°C boiling hot water and infuse it for 7-10 minutes

Our portion teabag with the spices contains 4 g which is just enough for a mug of mulled wine. Our pre-packed mulled wine spice contains two portions


Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Origin Germany
Brand ScotTea
Allergens none
Ingredients Apple pieces, orange peels, cassia bark rolled, cassia bark, star anise, orange pieces, cloves, pimento.
nutritional No
Amount of Tea 1 tea bag per cup
Water Temperature 80°C , hot, but not boiling
Steeping Time 3-5 minutes
vegan Yes

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