cold brewed coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee – Picking up trends

Yes, you read it right – cold brewed coffee! The cold brewed method is definitely worth trying, especially for those of you who like to take their time and do not need the coffee done by the press of a button.

You do need a little patience for the preparation, but as a reward you will get a particularly aromatic taste experience. Are you ready?

By brewing coffee with cold water, about 90% of the aromatic substances are released. Also, single taste nuances, like fruity, flowery, chocolaty or sweet, emerge more clearly. As a result you will get a full-bodied coffee with a powerful finish and nearly no acidity. The reason for this is that approximately 70% less acidity and bitter substances are extracted from the coffee when using the cold brew method. You will get a particularly mild coffee.

The preparation is really easy and apart from that you will already have everything you need at home. Which means, you would not need to buy expensive equipment.

First of all you will need a big glass jar to make the concentrated cold brewed coffee. Simply put the appropriate amount of coarsely ground coffee into this jar and pour cold water over it. An appropriate amount would be 100 g coffee for 500 ml water. This ratio has been proven the best. Mix well with a spoon, then close the jar or seal it off with plastic foil. Now leave the whole thing to rest for  12 – 24  hours at room temperature. After that you can filter the coffee in another jar or bottle using a simple coffee strainer with a paper filter. If you put the  jar or bottle with the concentrate in the the fridge for a short time.

Now, to enjoy your Cold Brew Coffee the only other thing you need is fresh boiling water. Pour some of the concentrate in a mug so that is roughly one third full. Then dilute it with twice the amount of boiling water for a strong coffee. If you prefer a milder coffee, then use one part concentrate with three parts of water.

Discover a complete new world of coffee!

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