deliveries to EU and Northern Ireland

Deliveries to EU and Northern Ireland

Deliveries to EU and Northern Ireland suspended until further notice

With the UK leaving the EU small businesses like myself are a bit in a pickle.

There are quite a lot of new rules and reglementations to be put in place and I have to admit that I am struggling a bit. But I will get there eventually.

Until I have figured out how to calculate postage, taxes and duty for my items I will not be able to post out any items to my customers in the EU, I’m afraid.


Customers in Northern Ireland

Again, loads of red tape I am facing here. The main issue are organic products, which means, I will be able to ship orders to Northern Ireland, but at the moment am not able to ship organic teas!


I am really, really sorry, that there is such a hiccup with the items, but it is not really easy to fully understand, comprehend and integrate everything into my business and my website.
Please be patient with me. After all this is still a small business with poor me being the only admin 🙁

2 thoughts on “Deliveries to EU and Northern Ireland

  1. Mme Patricia Bridger says:

    When you’ve sorted out postage for the EU, could you let me know please? We live in .france and haven’t had any problems with postage from the UK or anywhere else, so far!!!
    Many thanks.

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