fruit infusion tea

Fruit infusion teas – delightness in a cup

Fruit infusion teas – healthy and tasty

Have you ever tasted black tea, honeybush tea and even Earl Grey tea? No doubt all have delectable taste, but sometimes the common teas become a bit boring you might want to spice it up with more flavourful fruits. Here comes fruit infusion or ‘fruit tea’. The practice of preparing and serving fruit infusion involves creating a mixtures of dried fruit and preparing it like a regular tea by pouring it on with hot water, then draining after letting it stand for a few minutes and finally you now have your fruit infusion drink.


Different fruits – different tastes

Just like rooibos teas it is caffeine free and made with all natural fruit ingredients, making it a favorite among all tea drinkers throughout all seasons of the year. Choosing the best combination of fruits to suit your taste can be a bit daunting but fun, trying out if your sense of taste would love an infusion of, for example a cranberry and a pomegranate creates a tasty adventures of sort. Imagine being a tea drinker exploring the many intertwining tastes of natural fruits. Tea drinking has never been so much fun.

Kids do love it as well

Available in the market today, particularly in England and Scotland, are many kinds of fruit infusion flavours perfect for any season. Whether it is summer or braving the cold winds of winter? A glass of fruit infusion can fully replenish our body. Kids particularly like the strawberry & raspberry mixture, blueberry & apple, cranberry & orange to name a few. There are so much fruit infusion flavours to choose from, one could not even expect that an infusion of peach and ginger exists too, I must say it’s among my favourite fruit teas.

Satisfy your “sweet tooth” with a healthy option

Fruit infusion provides an assortment of health benefits and therapeutically cleanses our body because of the presence of antioxidants, vitamin C and many reviving and revitalizing agents. It is an ideal drink of choice suitable throughout the day especially in moments of utmost calm and relaxation.
The different combination of flavourful tastes, a fruit infusion drink brings also provides a wide range of positive feelings to our body. You want to feel warm and refreshing? Why not try raspberry and peach flavour. This is just one example of the many choices that awaits tea drinkers in selecting their desired fruit infusion flavour.
Fruit infusion or ‘fruit tea’ has made drinking tea more fun and appealing to all ages. Make it a habit to try a new flavour consistently and enjoy its many health benefits as well.

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