HebCelt Team 2016

Great Success at the Hebridean Celtic Festival 2016

Let the fun begin

The Hebridean Celtic Festival 2016 has been really a success this year. For us it was the third year in a row that we have participated at the HebCelt with our tea and coffee catering tent.

Last year we also offered tea and cake and it was a great success. And it was also a steep learning curve as we had not anticipated what a great success it would be. This year it was all about planning to get organised. I started very early at the beginning of the year and crunched my numbers. One thing was an absolute must-have – a bigger tent.

Tea, coffee and cake – sorted!

It was an absolute fantastic festival. Every time you think that the Hebridean Celtic Festival cannot get any better, you are surprised that it can. The weather, however, was typically Scottish. We had rain and gales, sunshine and midges.

It all started with the Pipeband opening. And we were lucky as they were just stopping outside our catering tent.


No Hebridean Celtic Festival without a good team

This year we had opted for quite a bit tent at the Hebridean Celtic Festival as the years before we were quite cramped. Luckily we got help from Finn who joined our team and was a great help 🙂

festival team 2016 It was extremely busy but we still had a lot of fun

We went through an enormous amount of hot chocolate, tea and coffee, as well as numerous traybakes of rhubarb custard and apple, crumble cake, marble cake, lemon drizzle and a glutenfree/vegan lemon drizzle. Plus a box of shortbread.

Although we invested in a commercial coffee maker we had a bit of a traffic jam from time to time and the machine could not make the coffee as quickly as we needed it. So we will definitely get a second one next year, that’s for sure

Meanwhile at the shop…..

This time yours truly was also working on site. In order to be able to do so I decided to reduce my stress levels and found someone who ran the shop for me. harriet

Harriet managed the shop without any problems and she told me that she enjoyed herself so much, she is considering to come back next year as well. You will be more than welcome, love!



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