hebridean celtic festival

Hebridean Celtic Festival

Tea at the Hebridean Celtic Festival

Only a few weeks to go and the Hebridean Celtic Festival will change our little town into a mekka of music, arts and culture. I am so looking forward to it.

Although I must admit that I won’t have a lot of chances to see most of the acts or what else is going on in town. I hope that the weather at the Hebridean Celtic Festival will be fine and sunshine so that I can leave the shop door open to at least listen to the music.

icetea We had so much fun last year when we opened our catering tent at the festival for the first time. It took a bit of time for people to realise what we were doing. But as soon as the word spread the queues were getting longer. After two days we spied familiar faces of people coming back over and over again.



Hot or cold – does it matter?

One thing is for sure, we will be serving our freshly brewed speciality teas like e.g. Earl Grey, Rhubarb Custard and Cherry Pie fruit infusion etc. And we did it again as this year there will also be our special Festival Tea ! Like last year you will be able to buy it on site and in the shop as well.

Being optimistic when hoping for warm weather and this time we will be prepared with a fridge full of iced tea to cool you down. Not the classical ice tea as you know it but also herbal and fruit infusions in a neat little package with a twist-off cap.

Tea or Coffee – the choice is all yours!

This year at the Hebridean Celtic Festival we will do our uttermost best to cater for most needs. We will serve freshly brewed tea but also – drumroll – gourmet coffee. Freshly grinded and brewed. hebcelt bandstandJust for you! And we will also offer a decaffeinated option as well! So no cheap stirred stuff, but simply good old fashioned tea and coffee. And we will be going the extra mile as we also managed to get our hands on some delicious Dutch hot chocolate, sugar-reduced and with 24% cocoa!!! to experience the full indulgence potential we will have cream and marshmallows as well.

And what about munchies?

Yep, we got that covered as well. We will be serving home-made baking – the German style. So look forward to marble cake, lemon drizzle and apple crumble cake, hmmmmm!! As we want to give everybody a treat we will also sell gluten-free brownies. And local shortbread, so that you can get the favourite “tea and a bikkie”

Not only in the arena but in town as well!

This will be a very busy time for us. As part of the craft market in the Town Hall the Hebridean Tea Store is there as well with a pop up cafe. This is the latest adventure which we have just started and it is becoming more and more popular. During the Hebridean Celtic Festival the pop up cafe will operate on the 17th and 18th of July between 10 am and 4 pm

Now that you know everything there is in store for you, we are looking forward to seeing you!!

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