Herbal tea – a tasty boost for your immune system

Nothing beats drinking a cup of herbal tea on a cold day, just sitting by the window and watching as puddles of rain gather small pools outside your house. What’s more interesting to know, are the many health benefits that comes with such simple pleasure as sipping hot tea. Herbal tea has an abundance of health benefits ranging from curing a wild tummy to eating disorder and putting calm to a troubled mind. Herbs are one of the planet’s best mysteries, having comprised of many healing powers, it also provides plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Herbal tea is not a tea plant

Herbal tea should not be mistaken for a type of tea plant, the French refer to it as “tisane” which is more apt considering herbal tea is an infusion of seeds, leaves, bark or root of plants, extracted and seeped in hot water. By drinking herbal tea, tea drinkers consume all of the plant’s healthy minerals and vitamins in edible form.
Studies have shown the effects of herbal teas to gaining a positive health outlook for our body goes through the charts. Medical experts even compare drinking a good organic herbal tea to taking a multi-vitamin pill at a vastly lower cost. To add into this, other than it also provides aromatherapy, drinking tea can also enrich one’s social connection, as tea can be easily shared and drank together with other people. Something one could never get when only taking vitamins tablet.

Boost your health and immune system with herbal teas

When preparing herbal tea, it is important to remember to always contain the herbal tea in a covered vessel, to retain its essential oils. Otherwise it will only smell good and you will risk losing its important medicinal properties. It is also vital to look for herbal teas sourced from high-quality and proven ingredients. When drinking tea exclusively for medicinal purposes, avoid herbal tea products with added flavours and essential oils. Steep your herbal tea for as long as 10 minutes to make sure all healthful ingredients comes out.
Herbal teas create stronger building blocks for your body which makes your tissues and hormones regenerate faster. It also replenishes lost energy by providing immune boost and paves way for a smoother flow of your blood through your arteries. The health benefits of herbal teas are more than enough to make your skin glow, lighten up one’s mood and make your personal aura bloom with positive well-being and energy.
If you haven’t tried drinking herbal teas yet, then you are missing out a lot. Don’t waste precious time and head for the market the soonest and start looking for these types of herbal teas: peppermint tea, rooibos tea, ginger tea, lemon balm tea, camomile tea, dandelion tea and rosehip tea to suggest a few.

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