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Keep calm, drink tea, keep knitting

Tea and knitting is never getting boring

Lockdown or not, there are some things that never get old. The combination of tea, wool and knitting for example.

knitting jumperI can recall, when I was a teenager (yes, it was in the last century but who would mention that?), I was sitting together with my best pal after school. She was knitting, I tried my best to knit as well, and we were drinking numerous litres of tea. I must admit my first attempts at knitting were not very successful.

She was knitting one jumper after the other and I was fighting to even manage a scarf. And that was also quite bad. Nevermind.

At that point I did not really think that knitting was very relaxing, to be honest.

Then I went to a different school and had to undertake quite a bus journey to get there. There was a girl sitting on the bus, also knitting, but so much faster and it looked so easy. It turned out, that she was attending the same school, and when I asked her to show me her way of knitting, she was kind enough to explain it to me. All in a sudden I found myself knitting. Very good and very fast as well. How encouraging. And this was only the beginning.

World domination of tea – one cup at a time

At the same time, the first-ever tea shop opened in our little town. To be honest, the lady sold all kind of stuff as well. These beautiful Indian dresses, incense, perfume oils and – tea!wild cherry flavoured black tea

One of my favourite teas back then was the Wild Cherry tea. I believe the amount of tea we all went through back then, was immense.

A friend of mine introduced me to Lapsang Souchong, the smoke tea. He told me, that this is the Queen’s favourite tea. Well, what was good enough for a queen, was also good enough for us! A lot of my friends really got into Jasmine tea, but that was never something I fancied if I am honest.
Now, a couple of years older, I like a good cup of Jade Jasmine Pearls, also known as  Dragon Pearls. It might have something to do with the fact, that I know how to brew it properly now.

Anyway, while we were sitting all together, drinking tea and planning world domination and revolutions, we were knitting a bit. Our plans however, never came to pass, as we had to be back home at a certain time for dinner. As you do …

My latest passion – knitting socks

At one point in my life I started knitting socks. To be fairly honest, it was more a fight at the beginning as I found it baby socksvery tricky to knit with five needles. But once I got the hang of it, it was kind of smooth sailing afterwards.

And then I found the holy grail of sock knitting: self patterned wool. You just knit and the result is a sock with a pattern that comes automatically. Can it get any easier?

And it is so much fun. You just knit and get a pair of socks with a beautiful pattern and in beautiful colours as well.

In the Tea and Knit gift box I have put some beautiful colours and varieties, which do just that: making socks with a pattern without hassle. Great!

So, no matter, if you want to buy the gift box for yourself (hey, why not!!) or give it away as a gift, there will always be a great pair of socks afterwards.

Why don’t you show off your skills and reply to this post? Come on show me your (knitted) socks.

Here are some I made:

sock 1 sock 2 sock 3 sock 4

Did you know?

In buying these gift boxes you are supporting small businesses. The Hebridean Tea Store, as well as Cards and Gift Wrap, and also Wool 4 Ewe are small businesses, led by women. We are all based in Stornoway.

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