Local Coffee for Local People

Is there such a thing like local coffee in Scotland?

The answer is easy: yes, local coffee is available in Scotland. It is more than obvious that there are no coffee-beans growing in Scotland due to our weather. It is simply not warm enough.

Therefore it is no locally grown coffee. But what we can offer you is locally roasted coffee and that is a complete different kettle of fish pot of coffee….

It is not very long that the Hebridean Tea Store also stocks coffee but people came in and asked for local coffee so there is definitely a need for good coffee and we aim to fill that gap. So far we have some fantastic gourmet coffees like the Fazenda Lagoa from Brazil, Tarrazu from Costa Rica and even Kiundi from Kenya.

Now we finally managed to get a real treat in for real coffee lovers. We came across a small roastery on the Isle of Skye and thought, hey, that’s ideal. If we get our coffee from the neighbour island that is definitely classed as local coffee, don’t you agree?

So here we are and can proudly present to you our local coffee – the Sgitheanach Blend .

local coffee sgitheanach blend

It is an espresso blend and I personally could not wait to try it for myself. Yes, I also drink and love coffee but usually only have some in the morning (there is no life before coffee for me… still…)

When I opened the package there was already an incredible scent and that got even better once I grounded them. Sometimes I am a bit old fashioned so hand-filtered coffee is what I like best. It did not take long before I had my first cup in my hands and oh, did that smell gorgeous!! Then the first sip and I thought…. oh no, that is really strong. This coffee is definitely roasted differently compared to the other coffees I have in stock. But when I kept on drinking I got used very quickly to the really distinctive taste. Did I already mention that I have my coffee black? The coffee did not have too much acid so my stomach can cope really well with it unlike the Ethiopian Sidamo I tasted.

With this coffee you will get an explosion of flavours tingling your tastebuds, a strong but not overpowering taste and it is friendly to the stomach. What more can a girl ask for?

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