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Mail Order – streamlining the process

We have been busy over the last weeks. That is a good thing, I know. Still, unfortunately it was getting more and more difficult to haul the parcels to our local post office. The mail order from our website has increased during the ongoing pandemic and we are so glad and very thankful about that.

The online orders are an important part of our business and helped us to keep our head above the water. Because we are only a small business it was – and still is – very important to us. Not only the orders coming in, but also getting the orders out!

It took a while but now we finally managed to set up an account with Royal Mail. This was not possible before due to various reasons. Based on an island Royal Mail is a lifeline service for us and we are mostly using their services for our mail order shipping.
Please keep in mind that the delivery will be contactless. So, if you have a safe place where the postman shall leave your parcel, then write us a note during checkout and we will stick an extra sticker on the box!

The important thing about it is, that we will now be able to drop off our parcels on our way home. That will save a lot of time.

Another change is, that we had to close our small cafe area in the shop which has now been transformed into a packing station. We simply ran out of space again. Unbelievable.

While you might have been wondering, why all in a sudden you did not read any updates or news, this is because we have been working a lot behind the scenes. There were orders to be fulfilled, software to be set up and amended. We were really trying our hardest to assure that the shipment process will be better for all of us.

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