new facebook page

New Facebook Page

New Facebook Page – what else can I do

I mean, seriously, I do not stand a chance. Facebook does not do a thing. I am so angry, it is really difficult to compose myself.

So I set up a new facebook page with the name “The real Hebridean Tea Store” … yeah … I know, not exactly great, but I had to do something, didn’t I?

It is now about a week when this thing happened. Since then I am running around in circles. No matter what I tried, Facebook was giving me the run-around.

It is really sad, because obviously I I can’t access any messages as well. That might have been very disappointing for a lot of folk who contacted me and then were waiting for a reply that never came 🙁 . I am so sorry, but this wasn’t really my fault

As of now, the new page is online, and I would be really happy if you could like it and share!

I had over 1600 followers, and they are all gone now 🙁

Very depressing, indeed.

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