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Price Rise – Royal Mail did it again

Another Royal Mail price rise is putting more pressure on small businesses – again!

From 30th of March Royal Mail will increase their prices by nearly two percent. This will put an unnecessary pressure on small businesses like myself.

So far I am always sending my parcels with RM first class, to make sure that you will receive your tea as fast as possible.
So far the price for a parcel up to 1 kg is £ 3.20 first class and £ 2.80 second class
From April onwards the price rise for small parcels sent 1st class will be £ 3.30, that is 10 p more than now. The price for second class does not change.

Prices for small parcels up to 2 kg stay the same but the guys from Royal Mail and their price police made sure, that a lot of businesses will opt for sending their parcels second class. Why? If you send a parcel up to 2 kg first class you will pay £ 5.45. Send it 2nd class and it is only £ 2.80.

This is in my view is a very clever attempt of RM to cover up that their “service ” for 2nd class name does not even deserve the word “service”. Very often it takes ages until parcels which are sent with 2nd class will arrive. Most people might think that they are making a bargain when they opt for 2nd class instead of 1st class. It depends however, how very quick you would need to receive your delivery.

What will the price rise mean for your and your orders with the Hebridean Tea Store?

Well, you can sit back and relax. I have decided to offer you both options. From April on you will be able to choose if you want 1st or 2nd class or courier for your delivery. I will still only charge the actual prices of RM. That will include their actual price rise in April. I do not charge any additional costs unless it is stated in the product description for e.g. special gift boxes. If you are not in a hurry and would like to save a bit of money, that is fine with me. But please, I will not be hold responsible, if your delivery ends up in Neverland or takes a week or more to arrive.

It is up to you and you will have a choice.

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