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stollenSugar an’ spice and all things nice

Delicious chocolates, pastries, nougat, printen, gingerbread, biscuits, German stollen and other national or continental specialities which are off mainstream.

Treat yourself whatever the occasion.

Or buy them as gifts, a little thankful for a helpful neighbour or something nice for your favourite auntie. The possibilities are endless

Especially at Christmas time we have original Dresdner stollen, the mother of all stollen, so to speak. But also Aachener Printen, Domino Dices and other typical German cakes and biscuits.

Yes, you can also get things like this at the supermarkets, but they are mostly copies and usually far too sweet.

We are selling the originals, the real deal, made with love and based on recipes which have been handed through in generations.

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Continental Confectionery Specialities

Chocolate with Tea

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Sugar / Candy

Rock Sugar

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