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coffee and coffee grinderThere are tea lovers and there are coffee lovers.

And there are people who like both.
Some people say we are picky about our tea, so it would be no surprise to them if we tell them that we are also picky about our coffee!
Tea or coffee – it simply has to be the best. And therefore we only chose the best.

A note from our supplier:

“We are part of a network, which allows us to make direct contact with plantation owners. As we would like to provide you with the best coffee qualities available on the international market, we are willing to accept that their prices are well above the global market’s standard.

Our gourmet coffees are roasted according to the traditional slow roasting method using low temperatures (160 – 200°C) in our gas fired drum roaster – we consciously distance ourselves from industrial shock roasting methods. Since every kind of coffee requires a different degree of roasting, we continue “hand-roasting” our coffees. The hot coffee beans are then quickly and gently cooled using fresh air. We have decided not to use water for the cooling procedure, as this has a negative effect on the coffee’s perishability.”

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Caddy Coffee

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