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Darjeeling is a city and a county in West Bengal, India. Its location is the Lesser Himalayas. This part of the country is mostly known for its tea

There are currently 87 operating tea estates in Darjeeling. Most of the tea gardens established in the middle of the 19th century.Tea growing is the  most important industry of this region. Therefore, during the peak plucking times, additional 15,000 extra workers are getting employed. Furthermore, there are around 200,000 family members depending on the income of the workers on the tea estates and the factories.

Here are the names of some of the famous Darjeeling tea estates:

Ambootia, Bannockburn, Castleton, Happy Valey, Jungpana, Makaibari, Margaret’s Hope, Marybong, Monteviot, Puttabong, Pusssimbing, Risheehat, Rohini, Singbulli, Singtom, Steinthal, just to name a few.

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