Herbal Gift Box #1

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Gift set with 3 x 50 g packs of our fantastic herbal infusions. Personalise the set with a greeting card and/or a tea strainer or tea ball

This gift set will contain the following teas:
Bad Weather Tea 50 g
Tasty mix of several herbs which will warm you up when the weather is not so nice
herbal infusion that really has the taste of a good G&T
Raspberry Mint
really delicious mix of fruit and mint
Gift Card
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Strainer or Tea Ball
Would you like a strainer to go with the tea? This strainer is ideal for loose leaf tea and can be used with a mug and most teapots You can also have a tea ball if you prefer, but they are only useful for cups and mugs, not teapots. Click on the arrow to add a strainer to your order
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