Tea & Knitting Box #3

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Gift set with 3 x 50 g packs of our amazing fruit infusions. Add some high quality knitting yarn and then personalise the set with a greeting card and/or a tea strainer or tea ball

This gift set will contain the following teas:
Apple Cider
Fruit infusion reminds of hot, cloudy apple juice with spices.
Forest Whispers
Fruit infusion with blueberry cream taste
Goji Orange
Fruit infusion with the taste of blood oranges and goji berries
Gift Card
Why not add a personal note? Click on the arrow to see the gift cards available. They are lovely!
Strainer or Tea Ball
Would you like a strainer to go with the tea? This strainer is ideal for loose leaf tea and can be used with a mug and most teapots You can also have a tea ball if you prefer, but they are only useful for cups and mugs, not teapots. Click on the arrow to add a strainer to your order
Opal knitting yarn
Amazing colours and high quality yarn from Opal
Knitting needles, classic
A set of 5 metal knitting needles from Pony to get you started
Knitting needles, KnitPro
A set of 5 knitting needles from KnitPro. These colourful needles are made from wood. Some people have trouble knitting with metal needles as they might hurt your joints in the long run.
Save up to 10% on a bundle price compared to buying them separately! No discount on the wool and the needles, sorry!
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