selling to europe and other countries

Selling to Europe and other Countries

Selling to Europe and other Countries

Brexit is the gift that keeps on taking. I am not fond of it, and I never was, I do admit. Nevertheless, I have to jump now through all the hoops and red tapes there are.

So, first things first: Yes, we do sell and ship to Europe and other countries.

People in the USA and Canada are already used to it and know that they’ll have to pay customs and fees to receive their delivery.

With Brexit, customers in Europe are facing the same problem: they will have to pay extra.

Usually, it is the VAT for the product plus a processing fee for the post office. The processing fees vary from country to country, I think, and sometimes they can be eye-watering.


Will there ever be an end to the extra costs?

Yes and no. We are in the process of registering for VAT. Once I have done this, we can register for the IOSS scheme. As a result, we will be charging you the VAT of your (European) country (and process it further, of course). Also, this way you would not need to pay the extra fees, the post offices are charging you now.

As you can see, it might get a bit better.

Until then, try to stay positive and have a nice cup of tea  🙂

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