tea in teabags

Teabags? Really?

Teabags versus Loose Leaf Tea

We are a speciality tea store for loose leaf tea and as such we don’t exactly sell tea in teabags.

If people come to our shop asking for teabags, our regular answer is “no, sorry.”

However, we do understand, that sometimes it can be a good thing to have teabags instead of fiddling around with strainer or tea balls. We can also supply you with empty teabags which you can fill with a tea of your choice. This way you can take your favourite blend e.g. to work.

The off-the-shelf teabags you can buy in the supermarkets are usually anything but good quality. These tea bags can contain the so-called “dusting”, crushed or tiny broken bits of low-quality tea, the absolute lower end of the production line. 

Mostly, the teabags have more caffeine compared to loose leaves. There are of course tea leaves, that are very high in caffeine, too.tea pyramids
The teabags are also intended to be used only once. As the tea leaves are crushed and milled to a powder, there is only a small amount of tea that would fit in paper teabags. It is only logical, that the wonderful flavour nuances you will get from loose leaf tea will be lost.

Why are you telling me this? 

The reason behind it is that very soon we will be selling one of our most popular teas, the Fisherman’s Blend, in teabags. But not the cheap dusting, instead we got them especially made for us, containing the whole leave. Just like you already know it, only in a teabag.

Fisherman's Blend preview

So you will get the full aromatic flavour of the Fisherman’s Blend conveniently packed in teabags. How great is that?

And who knows, maybe we will add some of our other teas from the Island Range as well at one point.

The Fisherman’s Blend will be available in a pack with 15 Teapyramids for £4.95



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