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The Festive Food Fest

Festive Food Fest – where it all started

I had the great pleasure to take part in the Festive Food Fest which was held at Spòrnis in Lionel on the Isle of Lewis.

This was the first event I have taken part in and yes, I was a bit nervous. But what did I know….I met so many lovely people and enjoyed to have a small chat over tea and things. A lot of folk had never heard of this great variety and were pleasantly surprised. I brought all my teas with me and had small jars filled with tea so that people could see it and also have a little sniff. And they loved it. I saw quite some expressions on people’s faces 🙂 The Christmas Teas went very well and I think I will have to reorder a lot of tea first thing tomorrow morning.

As most folk did not know me they have referred to me as the “tea lady” which I actually found quite funny. Here is a picture of me behind the table and as you can see from the big smile on my face I was really enjoying it.

The next events are already booked. I will be out and about on the 7th of December in Barvas, Isle of Lewis, as well as on the 14th of September in Tong, Isle of Lewis. There is still a chance that I might get a place on the 21st at the Royal Legion in Stornoway, but I am still waiting for their confirmation.

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