The Tea Shop in Stornoway

You might have noticed, that the blog does not always have frequent posts. Although I am really trying hard to add new blog posts, I sometimes simply have to admit defeat. Why is that? Well, it has to do something with the setup of our small business. 

Some of you will know that we are a small, very small family business. My daughter and I are the heads of this whole operation. We also have two lovely girls, Charlie and Scarlett, coming in to help us on two days of the week.

order processing parcels on counter
preparing subscription boxes

Together we manage to serve people at our shop in Stornoway as well as process orders from the website and to other businesses in the UK. I have been told that the website looks very professional and looks as if there is a big company behind it. This is not the case, I can assure you. Although this makes me proud, as I have built the website myself and work hard to keep it up to date.

Shipping and Packing

We are an independent small business, no big cooperation or part of a chain. Usually, we post on two days of the week, Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes we are flooded with orders and at the same time have it extremely busy at the shop, which might delay the shipping of your orders. 
Everything is made there and then. Then teas are packed from our storage caddies at the shop. Nothing is pre-packed. That, of course, takes time, but on the other hand, we can guarantee you a freshly packed product. I am not sure if all other tea selling companies out there can say the same …

Subscription Boxes and special requests

A big hit during the lockdowns were our subscription boxes, Tea & Knitting in particular. But also our other subscription or gift boxes are popular. It is really great to see, that we are also selling them to the USA and Canada! Thrilled to bits, honestly!!

You see, there are a lot of things going on behind the scene. I am usually working upstairs at the office, maintaining the website, ordering stock, paying bills, filing, printing, preparing shipping labels … you name it. The typical administration work. If needed, I help downstairs on the shop floor.

Babs is responsible for the shop, busily packing, helping customers, making tea and coffee for takeaway, decorating the shop display and many more. Without her, this shop would not be what it is and I am extremely proud – and thankful!

A hidden gem in the Outer Hebrides

It can be tough at times, and we are running around like mad because it is so busy and people are queueing outside, but we love what we are doing and are convinced that our personal touch is what makes this small business on a remote island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland so special.

But do you know, what it is that keeps us going, day after day, week after week? Have a look in the mirror. It’s yourself, yes, you! All our lovely customers who order via the website and/or visit us at the shop.
You are great! thank you


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