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The Wee Tea Room

The wee tea room with just one table and two chairs.

Well here we go, something you do not see everyday. A tiny wee tea room aka the smallest café on the island. More a café than a tea room as

wee tea room

you will only get tea, coffee, hot chocolate and home baking. So far only home baking only in small amounts until the news has spread.

My shop is small, I know that, but funny enough people came in and were asking if they could also come and sit in for a nice cup of tea. So that gave me the idea of opening a wee tea room at the Hebridean Tea Store. For those who don’t speak Scots, “wee” means small or tiny. Therefore a wee tea room is a small tea room.

Although, as I said, it is more a café than a tea room as I do not serve soup or sandwiches. And definitely no sticky buns, yukk!!!!
nice chinaBecause I also sell some vintage china it was a no brainer to me to serve the tea in beautiful, old fashioned china cups. Does this not look nice? Nothing can beat tea out of a real china cup, it tastes so much better

The home baking at the wee tea room will mostly be baking the German style. So you won’t find any Victoria sponge here, I’m afraid. But you can look forward to apple crumble cake, plum cake, cheese cake, apple cake without crumble, marble cake, chocolate chip cake, lemon drizzle and so on.

From time to time we also serve muffins and cupcakes. Like this lush blueberry muffin here on the picture. Or cinnamon swirl muffins. Or with raspberries and white chocolate, or… or… or….

And the best of all – you can also buy theses cakes and muffins from the wee tea room to take away. How great is that? Buy some of our delicious teas or gourmet coffees and take some cake home as well for the perfect afternoon treat. Or grab a set when there is not wee tea room guestsalready someone sitting here. Like these two young ladies who just popped by to say hello. Yeah, I know, I was cheating with this picture as one of them is Annika who out customers know from behind the counter 🙂


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