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What you need to prepare loose tea

How to prepare loose tea

It is very easy to gather materials needed in making loose tea without breaking the bank by purchasing those electric tea makers. You will only need materials that are already present in most households. For a quick checklist here are the things you will need to make loose tea.

Things you need for making loose tea

A stainless steel strainer is by far highly recommended as it doesn’t stain much compared to other mesh strainers. Other strainers which you could also use are the steel, plastic and the porcelain ones. A net is another must-have, a net made of cotton or bamboo will do the trick. Paper filters for making tea bags is another necessity. Select the kind which are made with abaca pulp, a fibre with enough strength and made from a stalk of a banana tree. Some of the paper filters come with a stick which is laid over the cup which is ideal for smaller cups. Another way of fixing the paper filter is a clip which holds the filter together.

You will also need tea balls, or the tiny perforated steel ball used to hold tea leaves while it is being steeped in hot water. Select the kind with an easy handle to have more control in steeping the tea from the water. Other materials needed include tea makers with a built-in strainer like the ones you see in tea shops.

To properly prepare create loose tea you will also need a tea timer or any stop-watch which displays easy to read digital or analogue time. Remember these specific times for different types of tea: Black tea requires 3 minutes, 5 minutes for rooibos tea, 2 or 3 minutes for green and white tea and around 8-10 minutes for herbal and fruit teas.

To get the correct temperature for different types of tea you will need a tea water thermometer. Again follow this short guide:

Herbal Teas: 206F/93C – 1 – 2 teaspoons (8-10 minutes)

Fruit Teas: 206 F / 93 C – 1 – 2 teaspoons (8-10 minutes)

White Tea: 175F/80C – 1 teaspoon (1-3 minutes)

Black Tea: 206F/93C – 1 teaspoon (3 minutes)

Green Tea: 175F/70C – 1 teaspoon (2-3 minutes)

Oolong Tea: 185F/85C – 1 teaspoon (3 minutes)

And lastly, a measuring spoon to get the right amount of tea per cup.

There you go, it’s very easy to gather the instruments for making loose tea. Preparing tea is as satisfying as drinking a cup of tea, so enjoy and hope you can prepare more tea for many fun afternoons of drinking a healthy cup of tea.

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