Women's Herbs

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Women's Herbs

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A tasty herbal infusion to support the functions of the female body.


This Ayurvedic herbal blend "Women's Herbs" is a fantastic mixture supporting the female body.
It has a refreshing orange grapefruit taste.

This blend is made for women to regenerate body and soul and simply make you feel better.
The ingredients will help women to ease some problems the female body has to deal with. The monthly cycle, pregnancy or menopause are taking their toll on us women as well as the daily stress. Sometimes we feel really burnt out and then develop symptoms like e.g. cramps etc. which make us feel even more uncomfy in our own body.
If you drink this tea on a regular base it will help and support your body and also have a positive effect on your mind. If your body is fine you feel better and therefore are also in a good mood.

Ayurvedic medicine is known for more that 5,000 years. Its aim is to free your body from toxins and bring it back into a healthy balance. Ayurvedic teas are known to work as a cleanser. They are a mix of herbs and spices which have a positive effect on the human body.

All Ayurvedic teas are caffeine-free and can be consumed at any time of the day.

Please note: some of the ingredients like e.g. St John's Wort can have an effect on other treatments (e.g. canter treatments). Please ask your GP or nurse before consuming tea which has St John's Wort as ingredient.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Origin Germany
Brand ScotTea
Allergens none
Ingredients apple bits, orange peels(12%), rooibos, ginger bits, cinnamon, raspberry leaves, fennel, camomile blossoms, alchemilla, cloves, St. John‘s wort, cardamom, natural flavouring, black pepper, juniper berries, goose grass
nutritional No
Amount of Tea 1-2 tsp per cup, 5-6 per litre
Water Temperature 100 °C boiling hot water
Steeping Time 5 minutes, cover with a lid
vegan Yes

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This tea smells divine and reminds me of being snug and cosy. Two teaspoons are best for a more wholesome flavour.
Review by Jo / (Posted on 9/4/2018)

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